What is next.

Of the thousands of reasons that make me high five myself for my genius career choice (the one I based on a work attire of jeans and sneakers, the chance to think, write, draw and design, and get paid for doing so) the one reason that has always seemed to rise to the top for me is “What’s next?”.

A career choice that comes fully equipped with a remarkably generous Not-So-Lazy-Susan of diverse creative opportunities, the next client, the next business to understand, the next brief, the next medium, the next big idea, sale, production… sign me up, let me at it, and thank you.

Every next opportunity becomes exactly that, a chance to think and then do better than ever before, no matter how great, successful, award winning, or how many Facebook likes the last campaign created, my best work ALWAYS lies ahead.

I couldn’t leave FCB, there were too many great opportunities. When I finally did depart it was to start my own opportunity, OUTHOUSE, which allowed me the opportunity to develop more varied creative muscles as well as strategic, production, HR and account management muscles. Most recently I seized a unique opportunity to just be a creative director again (ahhhh), and finesse my timely art and craft of effective 360 thinking and execution at a small, off-the-radar Omnicom shop called Colangelo, thanks for the opportunity.

With huge excitement in my belly I am about to meet “What’s next” again; I’m about to meet my new agency. I have a strong hunch which agency it will be, the shop who’s leadership, talent, clients, and mandate for brilliance has put them on a tear, a major roll? Or the one I had never heard of until this week, or the one I nearly went to years ago but the timing wasn’t quite right, you know what they say about timing.

The timing is right, we’re both approaching the peak of our game, yep that peak, the one that ALWAYS lies ahead.

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