• Avon calling.

    After getting to work on remarkable assignments for some of the worlds most remarkable brands for well over 20 years, it has occurred to me that it’s not just what you get to work on, but how you get to work.

    For years I drove the 15 minutes from my house to the train station, armed with my gourmet coffee and (occasional Imported from NYC early am Balthazar) chocolate croissant, ready to start my 65 minute commute. Was it a commute or was it the chance to change that final frame of the that USPS TV spot, the one that my writer or director or I, worried wasn’t gonna be funny enough OR was it a shot to come up with the new positioning line at the last second before the CMGI or Clairol pitches, the ones that won the business, or was this train ride the only way to fight off my growing illiteracy with 1/3 of the NYTimes and 1/2 of the Journal? It was without fail a priceless chance to sleep, once waking at 125th street to notice crusted baby barf on my shoulder from an early burping. Was it a commute? Or more a comfy creative cocoon

    Whatever it was, it all vanished when I started Outhouse, my agency. Enchanted and rejuvenated by my new commute of zero minutes, and work attire of a bathing suit, I was able to find ample places to put that extra 3-4 hours per day previously spent getting me to and from my high rise office…chopping wood for the wood stove that heated the barn and team, for example. The illiteracy returned.

    As dreamy as it was, I actually missed my little choo choo, or at least the bubble of malleable uninterruptedness that it so generously shared with me.

    The illiteracy continued after I put Outhouse on the back burner. This time a 30 minute commute to Colangelo/Omnicom. The jaunt to Darien was never quite short or long enough to be of much use, except for a handful of days when the couple of miles along the gold coast with the roof down brought down the house.

    The most delicious (or carbolicious) was to my first ever commute, in London to Nadler Larimer.., the walk to Turnham Green tube passing the multitude of small food shops from Bangers to Chips w/malt vinegar to Flakes and Maltesers, with a nightly pint of Ruddles or Courage and Indian before jumping on the Piccadilly at Covent Garden to head back to Chiswick Mall.

    Not one to replicate past business adventures, I have just accepted……….a new commute.

    And to be the Chief Creative Officer at The Adams & Knight Agency, a unique and wonderfully strategically creative almost completely unknown shop in beautiful Avon Connecticut, whose doors are roughly 68.7 uninterrupted miles from mine.

    Off I go, I will be keeping an eye on the work and of course the road, and an ear to NPR.

    Keep an eye on us.