• Just the Blogginning.

    Every blog has a beginning, I’m calling this my blogginning. I am just launching this site and am pretty excited about it.  Outhousecomm.com my (back burner) agency site has been up for many years, but I wanted to have portfolio site that could be more individualized to me and my work and easily updated and refreshed. As an ideamaker I have migrated from big to small to medium to my own shops to assure a fresh and stimulating environment of client and team.  I am just wrapping up a couple of productive years helping an interesting shop in Darien Ct, Colangelo (part of Omnicom), and a few of their big and little clients do some pretty remarkable things.  We managed to move a lot of needles, and boxes of Trojan condoms, and bars of Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate, and My Way power toothbrushes, and bottles of really good tequila and vodka Don Julio and Ketel One, Filippo Berio… It’s been busy, very busy, I enjoyed being a creative leader able to touch all media, some more successfully than others, time or money deficiencies were an ongoing challenge. One thing that becomes more and more true every day no matter what media I’m working with is how damn important lining up a great brief with a great idea is!

    BUT how useless both are if you don’t execute flawlessly.  This leads me to another notion that makes a lot of clients warm and gooey but I think is equally dangerous.  Matching Luggage across all media, more next time. Keep thinkin.

    Shout out to Jay at Yelling Mule in beantown for getting this site together without hurting himself (or me).